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Journey Maps Live & Local

Season 1 (Season)

1 - Rollin' Rust Garage

Aaron Childs from Journey Maps visits Shawn Maxwell from Rollin' Rust Garage. They work on far more than just Hot Rods at this throwback auto shop.

2 - Best Boba

We found homemade local boba and they won't reveal their secret. This place is totally undiscovered and a spot you'll enjoy the fresh donuts as well.

3 - Modern Margarita, Street Tacos

The location this show was shot at is now CLOSED due to fire. However, they have another location at 4510 E High St Ste.115 Phoenix, Arizona 85054

4 - Meat Lover's

All we have to say is "BACON WRAPPED FILLETS" Once you have Von Hanson's you'll be throwing ROCKS at any other steak!

5 - Coolest Window Tint

We discovered how Cool Dreams Window Tinting fights the harsh Arizona sun and WINS!

6 - Oldest Bike Shop in Arizona

We discover the roots of the oldest bike shop in Arizona.

7 - Soul Food

Now Closed...but this place had soul and we wish the owners the best in their new business ideas.

8 - Good Times

Best live music spot in town. We discover gourmet food in a bar and the largest Moscow Mule you've ever seen.

9 - Get Smashed

Now called Baked Bear...this place offers the a fresh baked cookie with ice cream...and it's delicious.

10 - Rockin Subs Sandwiches

12 - Elmer's Tacos

The oldest Mexican Food restaurant in Chandler. A local favorite.

13 - Doctors of Auto Repair

Aaron Childs meets up Elite Auto Repair to check the health of your car and find our how they diagnose it.

14 - Best Margaritas in Gilbert

Aaron Childs of Journey Maps talks with Mario (Owner) of Rio Rico Mexican Grill about the secret menu item, his Dad's handmade chili rellenos and the best margaritas in Gilbert.

15 - Game Zone in Gilbert Arizona

Aaron Childs of Journey Maps visits with JoAnn Mazan (Owner) of Game Zone about the rare games they sell and why Game Zone is your best video game store…by a long shot.

16 - American Poutine Gourmet Fries

Aaron Childs of Journey Maps visits with Brendan McGuiness (Co-Owner) of American Poutine Gourmet Fries in Gilbert, Arizona and finds the secret to why they've experienced super success and just 2 and half short years of starting with just one food truck.

17 - Frankie D's Salon the total Experience

Frankie D's Salon offers a variety of services including hair care, skin care, facials and fascia blasting. Frankie D's has been providing services for over 21 years in the same location to help people look and feel their best.

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